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"Memphis Poverty" masterfully tells an important American story in a non-traditional way, bypassing the literal translation of poverty to strike the soul. The artful blend of documentary moments, poetry, music, cinematic shooting and editing craftsmanship moves our art of storytelling forward in a dramatic way. "Memphis Poverty" was the best use of multimedia in the completion and helps establish a tone for how we might approach complex stories in the future.

"Dying for Relief" earns special recognition for itas masterful storytelling in a more traditional way. The work's moments and insightful editing stood apart from the crowd and sets a strong example for multimedia storytelling.

Nancy Andrews, Zach Wise, and Jonathan Quilter

Alan Spearman, The Commercial Appeal

Liz O Baylen, Los Angeles Times

Photography and Video: Phillip Toledano, Additional Video: Edward Toledano, Helene Toledano, Rick Gershon, Graphics: Joe Fuller, Producer: Tim McLaughlin, Executive Producer: Brian Storm, MediaStorm

Andrew Hida, freelance

Dai Sugano, San Jose Mercury News

Magnus Wennman, Aftonbladet

Alan Spearman, The Commercial Appeal

Robert Gauthier, Los Angeles Times

Liz O Baylen, Los Angeles Times

Jon Kasbe, Powering a Nation

Dai Sugano, San Jose Mercury News

Jon Kasbe, Living Galapagos

1st Place: Misha Domozhilov

Arkasha Stevenson, Los Angeles Times

Luca Kleve-Ruud, Dagens Næringsliv

James Gregg, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Deborah Pang Davis, Multimeda Photography & Design Department at Syracuse University

Greg Constantine, freelance,Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting