First - For an assignment we've all been on lately, this was well-executed with a creative mix of photos that really put us in the classroom. Good use of light from the tablets. Could have used a tighter edit. Second - Needs a tighter edit, but overall a good variety of images. We don't get a sense of the storyline, but, for an essay this was well-done. Third - We don't ever see the entire family in one photo, and in a story about a large family that's badly needed. The edit was far too loose; there were a few strong images (the last two images and the hallway looking into kids playing in particular) but too many that didn't tell us anything about the family and all seemed to be shot with the same lens and perspective.

The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, IA) - Cliff Jette, Jim Slosiarek, Brian Ray, Liz Martin, Kaitlyn Bernauer