NPPA Short Grants Doubled To $6K Each

DURHAM, NC (July 29, 2014) – The National Press Photographers Association today announced the opening of the 2014 Short Grants entry period. The announcement included news of two major enhancements to the program. First, the grant awards have been doubled in size from previous years, with six winners now receiving $6,000 grants. Second, the scope of the program has been expanded to include eligibility for a limited number of international projects.

“It is so exciting that we are able to double the size of the grant awards,” said Alicia Calzada, the chair of the grant program. “This will expand the ability of photographers to work on these important projects.”

“It is a testament to the quality and success of the projects that the Short Grants have funded, that the NPPA national leadership unanimously decided to increase the award,” she added.

The NPPA Executive Committee also decided to incorporate international projects into the program. As a result, while the grant proposals were previously limited to stories based in the United States, judges now may direct up to two grants to internationally-based stories. At least four of the awards will still be required to be awarded to domestic stories. 

Calzada said that projects funded by an NPPA Short Grant should be small in scale and focused. Staff photographers are encouraged to apply and complete the project during furlough, vacation or comp time. Independent photographers are also encouraged to apply. Priority is not based on employment status but on your ability to tell a great visual story, and on whether or not you have a great idea for a story that needs to be told.

This is the fourth year NPPA is offering Short Grants. The 2013 Short Grant winners were Matt Black, Diane Weiss, April Saul, Cengiz Yar Jr., John Locher, William Plowman, and Logan Mock-Bunting.

The deadline for submission of grant applications is Monday, August 25, 2014, giving interested photojournalists a month to prepare their materials. An FAQ about NPPA Short Grants is online here, and for more information write to [email protected].