NPPA's 2014 Best of Photojournalism Annual Contest "the contest designed for photojournalists by photojournalists"

National Press Photographers Association's 2014 Best Of Photojournalism Competition Results

BoP Awards - The majority of the awards were presented to the winners at the Best of Photojournalism Festival.

Those who did not attend, will get theirs around the end of the year to coincide with the NPPA annual News Photographer Special Year End BoP Issue.

Photojournalist of the Year Large Market

1 st John Tlumacki, The Boston Globe

2 nd Lacy Atkins, The San Francisco Chronicle

3 rd Rick Loomis, The Los Angeles Times

HM 1 Fabio Bucciarelli, Freelance

Photojournalist of the Year Small Market

1 st Sean Proctor, Midland Daily News

2 nd Corey Perrine, Naples Daily News

3 rd Scott McIntyre, Naples Daily News

HM 1 Chris Howell, The Herald-Times

HM 2 Jeremy Papasso, Boulder Daily Camera

Returning Veterans, Coming Home

1 st Rick Loomis, Los Angeles Times

2 nd Lisa Krantz, San Antonio Express-News

3 rd Francois Pesant, Freelance

HM 1 Michael Ciaglo, The Gazette

Contemporary Issues

1 st Sara Lewkowicz, Ohio University

2 nd Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post

3 rd Francois Pesant, Freelance

HM 1 Michael Forster Rothbart, Published by Ted Books 2013

HM 2 Daniel Owen, 2013

HM 3 Elizabeth Frantz, The Fayetteville Observer

HM 4 Fabio Bucciarelli, Freelance

Contemporary Issues- story

1 st Noriko Hayashi, Panos Pictures

2 nd Tony Bo/ Reportage by Getty Images, Getty Images North America

3 rd K M Asad, Drik

HM 1 John Tlumacki, The Boston Globe

HM 2 Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post

HM 3 Joshua Bright, New York Times

HM 4 Mary F. Calvert/, Zuma Wire

Domestic News Picture story

1st John Tlumacki, The Boston Globe

2 nd Sue Ogrocki, Associated Press

3 rd Nick Oza, The Arizona Republic

HM 1 Michael Democker, Time-Picayune

HM 2 Jeremy Papasso, Boulder Daily Camera

Domestic News

1st John Tlumacki, The Boston Globe

2 nd Sue Ogrocki, Associated Press

3 rd Jerry Wolford/ News & Record, News & Record (

HM 1 Karen Quincy Loberg, Ventura County Star

HM 2 Brennan Linsley, Associated Press

HM 3 Kelvin Ma, Bloomberg

Environment (nature,wildlife)

1 st Fedoseyev Lev/, Itar-Tass

2 nd Ed Ou/reportage by Getty Images, Reportage by Getty Images

3 rd Jay Capers, Randolf Community College

HM 1 Rolf Maeder/, Rex Features

HM 2 Nicola Angelo Mangia, Nicola Angelo Mangia-Freelance

HM 3 Paolo Marchetti, The Mammoth’s Reflex-

Environmental Picture Story

1st Ed Ou/ Reportage by Getty Images

2 nd Jim Gehrz, Star Tribune

3 rd Paolo Marchetti, None

HM 1 Kemal Jufri, Panos Pictures

HM 2 Nicola Angelo Mangia, Nicola Angelo Mangia-Freelance

HM 3 Ami Vitale, Nature Magazine


1st Kevin Frayer, Associated Press

2 nd John Tlumacki, The Boston Globe

3 rd Dina Litovsky, Polaris Images

HM 1 Michael Ciaglo/, Colorado Springs Gazette

HM 2 Anja Niedringhaus, Associated Press

HM 3 Andres Kudacki, Associated Press

HM 4 Mads Nissen/Panos Pictures/Scanpix, Mads Nissen/Panos Pictures/Scanpix

HM 5 Roberto Schmidt, Agence France-Presse

General News

1st Bernat Armangue, Associated Press

2 nd Magnus Wennman, Aftonbladet

3 rd A.M. Ahad/AP, A.M. Ahad

HM 1 Matthew Hinton, The New Orleans Advocate

HM 2 Jay Janner, Austin American-Statesman

HM 3 Kevin Dietsch, United Press International

International News

1 st Claudio Santana, Agence France-Presse

2 nd Paula Bronstein, Reportage by Getty Images

3 rd Roman Pilipey

HM 1 Paul Hansen/DN, Dagens Nyheter

HM 2 Adam Dean/Panos for TIME, Panos Pictures

International News Picture Story

1st Tyler Hicks, Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

2 nd Paula Bronstein, Reportage by Getty Images

3 rd Bulent Kilic, Agence France-Presse

HM 1 Kevin Frayer, Freelance

HM 2 Charlie Shoemaker, Getty Global Assignments for Yahoo News

HM 3 Adam Dean/Panos for TIME Magazine, Panos Pictures

HM 4 Abir Abdullah, EPA

Cliff Edmon’s New America Award

1 st Jim Gehrz, Star Tribune

2 nd Stephanie Strasburg, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

3 rd Nick Oza/The Republic, The Arizona Republic

HM 1 Romain Blanquart, Detroit Free Press

HM 2 The Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle

HM 3 Anthony S. Karen, Freelance

Non-Traditional Photojournalism Publishing

1 st Peter Hove Olesen/Polfoto/,

2 nd Mary Calvert, Zuma Wire

3 rd Ismail Ferdous

HM 1 Bradley Garrett/Ey Evine/,

HM 2 Ivan Kashinsky

Portrait and Personality

1 st Magnus Wennman, Aftonbaldet

2 nd Jeremy Lock, Freelance

3 rd Allison Shelley, Allison Shelley for Polaris

HM 1 Joshua Bright, New York Times

HM 2 Mark Blinch, Reuters

HM 3 Anik Rahman, Nurphoto Agency

HM 4 Nikki Kahn, The Washington Post


1 st Pete Marovich, Pete Marovich

2 nd David Goldman, Associated Press

3 rd Charlie Shoemaker, Charlie Shoemaker

HM 1 Wang Song/, Xinhua

HM 2 Babak A. Tafreshi/, Rex Features

HM 3 Mikolaj Nowacki, CNN Photos

Sports Action

1 st Susana Vera, Reuters

2 nd Mark Blinch, Reuters

3 rd Mark J. Terrill, Associated Press

HM 1 Suhaimi Adbullah, Getty Images Asiapac

HM 2 Francisco Leong, Agence France-Presse

HM 3 Daniel Sannum Lauten, Agence France-Presse

HM 4 Biel Alino/, EFE

Sports Feature

1 st Alex Brandon, Associated Press

2 nd Jon-Michael Sullivan/Staff, The Agusta Chronicle

3 rd Stephen McCarthy, Sportsfile

HM 1 Larry McCormack, The Tennessean

HM 2 Matt Gade, Desert News

HM 3 Jacob Ehrbahn, Politiken

HM 4 Daniel Sannum Lauten, Agence France-Presse

Portrait Series

1 st Tomasz Gudzowaty, Yours Foundation

2 nd Dmitry Kostyukov

3 rd Magnus Wennman, Aftonbladet

HM 1 Jacquely N Martin

HM 2 Oded Balilty, Associated Press

HM 3 Nikos Pilos, Stern Magazine

Sports Picture Story

1 st Jonas Bendiksen, National Geographic Magazine

2 nd Mark Ovaska, The New York Times

3 rd Nick Laham

HM 1 Kevin Dietsch, United Press International

HM 2 Nick Laham, ESPN The Magazine

Sports Journalist of the Year

1 st Patrick Smith, Freelance for Getty Images

2 nd Al Bello, Getty Images

3 rd Joel Marklund, Bildbyran

HM 1 Quinn Rooney, Getty Images Asiapac

Best Published Picture Story Large Markets

1 st Sara Lewkowicz, Ohio University

2 nd Javier Arcenillas, CNN Photos

3 rd Lisa Krantz, San Antonio Express-News

HM 1 Linda Davidson, The Washington Post

HM 2 Preston Gannaway, Time Lightbox

HM 3 Nicole Fruge, The San Francisco Chronicle

Best Published Picture Story Smaller Markets

1 st Sean Proctor, Midland Daily News

2 nd Anthony Wahl, The Monroe Times

3 rd Corey Perrine, Naples Daily News

HM 1 Chuck Miller

HM 2 Scott McIntyre, Naples Daily News


1st-“Black Forest Fire Day 2” Ben Mulkey and Team/KUSA

2nd-“An Unruly Old Man” Matt Mrozinski/KING

3rd-“It’s Not Completely Gone” Mike Richard/WFAA

HM-“Stuck on You” Ty Nguyen, Brent Weisberg/KOIN


1st-“Dark Side of Downtown” Carolyn Hall, Zahid Arab/KING

2nd-“Being Watched” Corky Scholl/KUSA

3rd-“Big Thompson Rises” Nick McGurk/KUSA

HM-“They Didn’t Get My Sunglasses!” Andy Buck/KUSA


1st-“Getting Rid of Guns” Carolyn Hall, Natalie Swaby/KING

2nd-“Stopped in for a Donut and Came Out With a Pit” Rob Collett/KTUL

3rd-“50 Feet” John Duong/WTHR

HM-“Devlin’s Silent Thank You” Scott Jensen, Joe Fryer/KING

HM- “I Know He Has a Plan” Jonathan Malat/KARE


1st-“Look at that Delicious Fly!” John Kirtley/WLOS

2nd-“The Tank” Kevin Torres/KUSA

3rd-“LUTELOVERS!” Jonathan Malat and Team/KARE

HM-“Poetry Man” David Bradford/WJW

HM-“From Hardships to Harmony” Michael Driver and Team/KUSA


1st-“Indy’s Original Twitter” Steve Rhodes/WTHR

2nd- “Lorraine” Chris Hansen, Chris Vanderveen/KUSA

3rd-“Harder to Get Than Seahawks Tickets” Steve Fedoriska, Lindsay Cohen/KOMO

HM-“I Wanna Try to Speed This Up” Eric Ronald Sander and Team/KING

HM-“Chief of Kenyon” Jonathan Malat and Team/KARE


1st-“A Good Run” Michael Driver and Team/KUSA

2nd-“The Cage” Jonathan Malat and Team/KARE

3rd-“Finding the Formula” John Kirtley/WLOS

HM-“Ice Fishing and Ear Plugs” Anne Herbst/KDVR

HM-“The Real Gem” Andy Sugden and Team/WZZM


1st-“New Freedom” Corky Scholl/KUSA

2nd-“Pregnant in Prison” Jonathan Malat/KARE

3rd-“Come to the Quiet Place” Doug Burgess/KING

HM-“Gulo Gulo North Cascade Wolverines” Pete Cassam/KING

HM-“Phil and Harvey: The 38-year Engagement” McKenna Ewen/Star Tribune


1st-“Thanks for the Memories” Jonathan Malat, Rob Collett, Ron Stover, John Drilling and Paul Rovelstad/KARE

2nd-“Unhitched and Out of Control” Jonathan Malat, Jeff Wiltgen, Jeff Kraker, John Divall/KARE

3rd-“Guns in the Parking Lots” Isaias Medina and Chris Mosher/KDVR

HM-“Peruvian Prison Aerobics” Elie Gardner and Oscar Durand/Storyhunters


1st-“A Year of Recovery After Hurricane Sandy” David Frank, Erik Olsen, Emma

Cott, Erica Berestein, Patrick Flynn, Brad Kimbrough, Justine Simons/New York Times

2nd-“The New Farmers of Long Island” Chris Ware, Mario Gonzalez, Bobby Cassidy, Arnold Miller/Newsday

3rd-“Destination Japan” Anne Herbst, Eli Stokols/KDVR


1st-“Chemical Warfare in Damascus” Laurent Van Der Stockt Sr., Antonin Sabot, Marie Sumalla/Le Monde

2nd-“Syria’s Improvised Aresenals” David Frank, CJ Chivers, William Mac Bishop, Richard Tanner/New York Times


1st-“Bad to Worse is Best” Mitch Pittman/KSTP

2nd-“It’s Wild” Ted Land/WSBT

HM-“Courtney’s Homecoming” Ted Land/WSBT


1st-“Drive-In Dilemma” Ted Land/WSBT

2nd-“Printing with a Purpose” Ted Land/WSBT


Runner Up-Chris Vanderveen/KUSA

Winner-Boyd Huppert and Team/KARE


Runner Up-John Kirtley/WLOS

Winner-Jonathan Malat/KARE


Runner Up-WHO/Des Moines

Winner-KCCI/Des Moines


Runner Up-KTUL/Tulsa



Runner Up-KING/Seattle


Editing Division


1st-“Dizzy Gets Down” Josh Maranhas/KDVR

2nd-“A Rare Procedure” Greg T. Johnson/WFAA


1st-Not Awarded

2nd-“Not Afraid to Fall” Carrie Cochran/Cincinnati Enquirer

3rd-Not Awarded

HM-“Running of the Bulls Comes to America” Alexandra Garcia/New York Times

HM-“Waterless Boat Race” Patrick Shannahan, Lynn French/The Arizona Republic


1st-“Word of the Year!” Steve Rhodes/WTHR

2nd-“Signs of Complacency” Evan Stulberger and Team/WNBC

3rd-“WiFi Hot Spots” Drew Jones/WSYX

HM-“The Paper Caper” Evan Stulberger and Team/WNBC


1st-“Tipping Point” Andrew Smith and Team/CCTV America

2nd-“Death-It’s a Living” Patrick Ahearn, Steven T. Banton, John Werner/CNBC

3rd-“America’s Gun: The Rise of the AR-15” Patrick Ahearn, Howard Ellis, Allison E.

Steadman, John Werner/CNBC


1st-“Time to Pick It Up-TFF Cold Open” Robert Bradford/WSYX

2nd-“Assignment Afghanistan Pre Show” Josh Maranhas/KDVR/KWGN


1st-“A Big Goodbye” Michael DelGiudice/WNBC

2nd-“I Love You XXOO” Matt Mrozinski and Team/KING

3rd-“Gonna Be Heartbreaking” Bill Middeke and Team/KARE

HM-“A Complicated Crash” Carolyn Hall, Natalie Swaby/KING


1st-“Rembering Office Bradway” Steve Rhodes,John Duong and Team /WTHR

2nd-“Do You Need a Firetruck?” Mark Sogofsky/News 12 CT


1st-“Come to the Quiet Place” Doug Burgess and Team/KING

2nd-“This was a Bad Idea” Matt Mrozinski and Team/KING

3rd-“Indy’s Original Twitter” Steve Rhodes and Team/WTHR

HM-“Before I Die” Michael Driver and Team/KUSA

HM- “Mad Dog” Rob Collett/KTUL


1st-“From Farmington With Love” Bill Middeke and Team/KARE

2nd-“Carry the Load” Greg T. Johnson/WFAA

3rd- Not Awarded

HM-“Pump and Dump” Josh Maranhas/KDVR


1st-“Rise Up Trailer” Greg T. Johnson/WFAA


1st-“Wake Me Up When it’s All Over” Whitney Shefte/Washington Post

2nd-“Dear AJ” Michael Driver and Team/KUSA

3rd-“Zoo Doo” Reed Nolan and Team/KIRO

HM-“Peak Season” Kevin Sullivan and Team/KING


Winner: Josh Maranhas/KDVR/KWGN