What is a contract? Why do I need one? What the heck does “personal jurisdiction” even mean? Attorney and former photojournalist Alicia Calzada explains the terminology and reasoning behind the essential components of a good photographer’s contract and explains terminology in client-provided contracts. Attendees should leave the session with a better understanding of the goals of a contract and the various contract terms they should use as well as terms they are likely to encounter.

A frequent guest of several professional photographer associations, Michael Fine CSA is the owner of Finesse Tax Accounting based out of Arlington, VA.  His firm works with and advises several hundred photographers and Michael is the chief tax advisor to many of the DC area's top rated photographers.  With over 13 years of experience, working mainly with self employed individuals and small business owners, Michael will go over a myriad of crucial information including:
Can’t Miss Photographer Deductions
Maintaining a Studio in Your Home
Vehicle Usage and Deductions
New Rules Governing Equipment Purchases
LLC's and Incorporating Your Business
Sales Tax
Deductible Retirement Contributions
How to Treat Pro Bono Work
Record Keeping
And much, much more…
Come hear tips that will make tax time much less painful. Don’t miss a chance to come and ask tax questions too as Michael and his team of experts will stay behind after the presentation for a Q&A.  With tax season upon us it’s a great time to get a little free tax advice!

This workshop led by attorney and former photojournalist Alicia Calzada will cover the law of copyright, including when copyright is created, who might own the copyright to an image, information about fair use, public domain, copyright registration, copyright notice and things to consider in the case of an infringement.

Whether you make the transition from a staff position to independent photographer willingly or not, you have to know how to run a business. Every photographer needs to have a handle on basic accounting, invoicing, pricing, insurance and various other business fundamental requirements such as knowing your cost of doing business.  Greg Kahn and Allison Shelley will talk about what they have learned since leaving their staff positions including how they price jobs and license their work to finding funding projects.