Business Workshops

What is a contract? Why do I need one? What the heck does “personal jurisdiction” even mean? Attorney and former photojournalist Alicia Calzada explains the terminology and reasoning behind the essential components of a good photographer’s contract and explains terminology in client-provided contracts. Attendees should leave the session with a better understanding of the goals of a contract and the various contract terms they should use as well as terms they are likely to encounter.

Join John Harrington, author of the best-selling ‘Best Business Practices for Photographers’, for an insightful and solutions-oriented presentation on how to generate more revenue from the assignments, through pricing examples and discussion, negotiation strategies, and demystifying the licensing of your work.
Before you've signed the contract with a client, you've had to negotiate fees, and the language that grants them the rights to your creative efforts. Unlock the mysteries surrounding how to price your work, and learn ways to negotiate from a position of strength. When it comes to licensing, how do you write a license that gives the client the permissions they paid for, without leaving loopholes you could drive a truck through?
Through a series of actual negotiated assignments, we will break down the negotiation and explain how to plan for the questions you'll get, and to know the best ways to answer them. When it comes to pricing, there seems to be a world of secrecy around rates. We will discuss solutions for stock and assignment pricing, as well as discuss tools for you to establish your own. When it comes to licensing, we'll discuss and explain the standardized licensing solution that is the Picture Universal Licensing System (or PLUS), and how to write a license, where to put the licensing language, and what the best format will be. Throughout the program, all of these elements will be integrated into each assignment discussed.

Everyone talks about the importance of registering your copyright, but do you actually know how easy it is now that you can do it all online?  It takes less than an hour to process, upload, and fill out the paperwork online - all for $35. Whether you're registering a few hundred of several thousand images, John will show you an actual registration being done, and answer your questions along the way. From what's registerable and the frequency of registration, we'll cover it all.

During this talk Pulitzer Prize-winning photo editor and creative strategist , Stella Kramer, will teach you how to maximize your experience and professionalism when putting yourself out on the market. This talk will include tips that can give you a leg up towards differentiating yourself from others, and creative solutions to create a plan of action.

Pulitzer Prize-winning photo editor and creative strategist Stella Kramer will discuss the various platforms photographers use (FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) to promote their work and how to decide which ones are for you. We will talk about what to do if your work goes viral, how to direct people to your work, and how to get the right eyes on your work.



In the wake of the landmark $1.2 million jury verdict reached in the Daniel Morel vs. AFP/Getty Images lawsuit for willful infringement of Morel's images from the 2010 Haitian earthquake, many photographers are wondering the best way to pursue organizations and publications that use their images without permission. It is often difficult and expensive to pursue infringers through the legal system and many photographers opt not to, but that can result in the loss of money and control of their images.

Photographer Daniel Morel and his attorney Joe Baio will be joined by Yunghi Kim, a strong proponent of photographer's rights, in a discussion about the trial and the implications of the verdict, as well as how to protect yourself in advance of a copyright infringement, including the  pre-emptive measures Kim takes to protect her work.  The panel will be moderated by NPPA Attorney Alicia Calzada who regularly advises both photographers and media companies on infringement issues.