Blogging to keep them coming back

SEPTEMBER 4, 2013 

In part four of her five part series, Deb Pang Davis gives advice on how to blog your way to increased brand recognition. She covers the importance of content that satisfies your audience, gives tips on writing, design and managing the time commitment necessary to make your blog a marketing and branding asset. Also included are lists of helpful resources, examples of good blogs written by photographerswritten blogs, and online articles on writing blogs. 

Marketing: Your Web Site is Your "Mothership"

AUGUST 21, 2013

In the next installment of her five-part series, Deb Pang Davis describes how your Web site is the “mothership” of your marketing platform. Ideally, it is at the center of your online branding and marketing efforts. Your Web site is where you want your audience to ultimately go to find out more about how you can solve their problems or help achieve their vision.  

Marketing Is NOT a Dirty Word

JULY 23, 2013

In the next installment of her 5 part series, Deb Pang Davis describes how marketing doesn't have to follow the "all about me" formula used by many. She also offers useful tips on building a low cost visual identity and print promotion pieces that get attention without breaking the bank.   

Shooting Sports: Tips from the Pros

JULY 16, 2013

Veteran sports photography editor Jim Colton busts a myth and offers six tips for shooting better sports photographs. He also taps into his network of leading sports photographers to get the backstory on some of their most memorable images.

Read what legends like Walter Iooss Jr. and Neil Leifer have to say about being prepared for luck, and how one of Donald Miralle's most famous photographs almost got away.

Brand and Branding: Communicating You

JULY 8, 2013

Branding and marketing are critical business practices which, when executed well, can mean the difference between making a reasonable living and leaving the profession.  In this five-part series, Deborah Pang Davis, will describe how branding and marketing work together, define important differences between the two, and offer proven tips and best practices to help drive your business forward. 

Nonprofits: It's not about 'Free' anymore

JUNE 24, 2013

In her final installment on project funding, Heather Graulich talks with Kathleen Hennessy and Ken Light about how to tap into increasingly better funded nonprofit communications budgets.

The Perfect Portfolio

MAY 7, 2013

Perhaps the single greatest dilemma all image-makers face is putting together a portfolio that is marketable and satisfies their "photographic soul". In this three part series, Jim Colton explores the many variables that go into creating the well-balanced portfolio.

Self-publishing: No Longer a Vanity Affair 

APR 30, 2013

In part 2 of the three-part series on project funding, Heather Graulich, looks at how print-on-demand services are allowing more photographers to create quality books without the backing of traditional publishers.  

Crowd-sourcing: Ask and You Shall Receive

APR 3, 2013

In part 1 of a three-part series on project funding, Heather Graulich examines recent successes in crowd-sourcing photography projects and offers tips from seasoned veterans using this recent funding innovation. 

Photography Contests: 'Tis the Season

DEC 10, 2012

Wondering if the effort is worth the return? What are judges looking for? What do I need to do to optimize my entry? Is there a list of the major contests? Jim Colton, former Sports Illustrated photography editor, talks to fellow editors, contest judges and award winning photographers to get answers to these questions and more. Read more...