Sign up during the day to have your work critiqued in an open group session Thursday or Friday evening by members of the faculty. Please bring your work on an external or USB drive. Internet may not be available during the critiques. You don't have to show work to come watch, and participate - and you can drop in between portfolio reviews

In video journalism the possibilities for storytelling are wide open. With no news anchor, no show template and no set duration, it's up to the producer to hook viewers' attention and present a coherent and compelling narrative. But how to determine how long a piece should be? Should the story use voice narration or does it work better without? Brent McDonald's workshop will answer those questions by examining different stylistic approaches to crafting video stories.

Once you’ve arrived on location to report a story, how do you collect the best possible sound? Rob Rosenthal teaches radio at Transom Story Workshop and produces HowSound a podcast about the backstory to radio storytelling. With lots of audio examples, Rob will talk about recording prep and field work. You’ll leave this session with a solid understanding of the best audio gathering practices. Rob will even geek out a little on microphones and recording gear.

You can ask an interviewee all the questions in the world, but if you aren’t on the hunt for the story, all those questions probably won’t matter. Rob Rosenthal, the lead instructor at the Transom Story Workshop and producer of the HowSound podcast on audio storytelling, will run through his tips for solid interviewing starting with focusing on story. Rob will also facilitate a group brainstorm on questions and story focus for an audience member or two. Come prepared to share a project you’re working on.

Can't code but need to build a custom website for your awesome story? In this workshop, Thad Allender, founder of Graph Paper Press and Theme.Works will explore 19 new solutions that empower visual storytellers to create custom website experiences.

We've all seen it. Newspaper photographers start shooting video and they're not all that good, they take forever to produce and few people watch. Emmy Award-winning multimedia producer Ben Garvin will discuss ways to make the transition to video without sacrificing our vision or quality while keeping our bosses happy.

Visual journalists are being asked to do more with less everyday. Less time on more assignments, less money for training, for gear, for living. How can we possibly do work we're proud of with so little time and money to do it? Emmy Award-winning multimedia producer Ben Garvin will discuss strategies for keeping uninspired people at bay, for getting creative with our smartphones, for producing our very best work in spite of all.

Doing multimedia alone can feel like a street musician with a drum on your back, cymbal tied to your foot and a harmonica in your mouth. Collaboration - whether you're on staff or working as a freelancer - is full of possibilities and pitfalls. The Washington Post's Jayne Orenstein and Brad Horn will talk about collaborating on the award-winning documentary series 'First and 17' which published weekly documentary episodes in real-time for more than three months. Orenstein described the process this way, “There were tons of times that the other person made the work stronger." … an exhausting but exhilarating project that made them want to kill themselves and each other more than once.”