Present Yourself Like A Pro: Field Guide to the NSC from NPPA

A veteran NSC attendee and presenter, Jamie Rose gives inside tips on making yourself memorable and creating valuable contacts at the NPPA's Northern Short Course conference, interviews and networking events. At her job with Momenta, Jamie sees hundreds of portfolios, business cards and presentations a year from freelancers and pros alike. In this no-holds-barred presentation, she will give you the straight talk you need to take your game to the next level. Jamie will share the best practices tips for presenting your portfolio, asking (not just answering) the right questions during an interview, and how to make lasting connections. This recording of Jamie's March 11, 2015 presentation is a great way to prepare for the NSC every year, not to mention other networking events!


Photojournalism at a Crossroads: A Crisis in Credibility from NPPA

The panel, moderated by Mark Johnson of the University of Georgia and NPPA Educational Chair, features David Ake AP Washington DC Bureau Assistant Chief of Photography, Andrew Mendelson the Associate Dean of the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, Tom Kennedy Executive Director of ASMP, and Yunghi Kim an international documentary photojournalist. In response to well-publicized situations at the World Press Photo competition, NPPA held an ethics panel discussion at the 2015 Northern Short Course that took an introspective look at the photojournalism profession - where things stand ethically, what changes are needed and how to bring about any necessary changes. The panel's dialogue included threats to the ethical decision-making process; the current value of credibility in news gathering; how layers of technology have isolated photojournalists from both the editing process and the audience, and to how reconnect them; and how competition - the rush to be first - has affected the ability to reflect and decide what is and is not news, what might and might not fulfill well-established ethical standards.