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Members can access current job openings through the job bank.

Find a Visual Journalist

This service connects members with individuals and companies who are looking to hire talented visual journalists for contract work or staff positions. 

Member Directory

Want to connect with fellow NPPA members to discuss job openings or other opportunities? Access the NPPA Member Directory.


The NPPA offers a photo ID for members. In addition, you can refer to this handy guide on how to obtain press ID and credentials from other sources.


The NPPA offers a variety of training programs aimed at educating professional visual journalists on emerging industry trends and reinforcing fundamental skills.  Our programs also provide visual journalists the opportunity to network with industry professionals in a friendly and educational environment. Join us at Northern Short Course, Business Blitz, News Video Workshop, Advanced Storytelling Workshop or Multimedia Immersion. 

Grants for professional photographers are offered annually for workshop tuition and travel expenses. Applications for the grants are accepted in late January. 

NPPA also offers several free online educational resources

Short Grants for Funding Photo Projects

In an effort to fund compelling community photo stories, NPPA offers professional photographers six annual awards of $3000 each. 

Cost of Doing Business Calculator

Before you can price a product or service, you need to know your costs to provide it. This calculator is one tool to help you get a handle on those costs. You can also input your desired salary, along with your estimated income from other sales (such as prints, reprints and stock photo sales), and the calculator will predict the minimum you must earn - in addition to assignment expenses - every day you shoot, in order to meet your goals. If your clients won't cover this minimum, plus your billable expenses, you need different clients or you need to make adjustments to your budget

Career Expansion Scholarships

The NPPA, in partnership with the National Press Photographers Foundation, offers career expansion scholarships to support photographers who have at least three years’ experience and who have returned to school to enhance their skills, or move in a new direction, using their background in visual journalism. $25,000 in scholarships of this type were awarded last year- (five $5000 scholarships). The 2013 application period will be announced this summer. 

Advocacy and Copyright Protection

NPPA supports strong protections for photographers’ intellectual property rights and opposes measures that would limit those rights. NPPA has been advocating for a small claims solution to copyright infringement and has been actively campaigning against efforts to enact an orphan works exception to copyright infringement penalties. In addition, NPPA is a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Google, which has engaged in wholesale copying of books without the permission of the copyright holders.

The Fine Print webinar, "Copyright" is 23 minutes long and discusses the basics of copyright, including when copyright is created, who might own the copyright to an image, basic information about fair use, public domain, copyright registration, copyright notice and things to consider in the case of an infringement.

The Fine Print webinar, "Privacy and Defamation" is 20 minutes long and discusses the basics of privacy and defamation law as it applies to visual journalists.

If your work has been infringed, we recommend contacting an attorney, but NPPA has also provided a Sample Cease and Desist letter, as well as a primer on how to file a DMCA take-down notice.

While in most cases the photographer who took a picture will be entitled to copyright protection for that photo, federal law provides an exception when the photo is considered a “work made for hire.” This chart provides a helpful reference for determining whether or not a photograph will be considered a work made for hire.