Curated by renowned photography editor Jim Colton, Photo Journal is a collection of dynamic images from current events appearing in newspapers, magazines, and on Web sites. Featuring great photography, this series includes photography galleries along with a deeper look inside the process of getting the work produced and published. 

June 2014
The New York Times: LENS

For his final Photo Journal for NPPA, Jim Colton interviews The New York Times photographers and bloggers James Estrin and David Gonzalez, "co-captians" of LENS, the Time's online photography blog. Estrin and Gonzalez discuss their collaboration and collaborators, photographers you should know but don't and cutting through the noise of online imagery — the  "edited versus unedited; context versus chaos." 


May 2014
Alison Wright: Spanning the Globe

Alison Wright's "pursuit of the human connection" has taken her to nearly every country in the world, including several meetings with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and through the gates of "the other side" and back during a near-death experience in Laos. In this installment of Photo Journal, Jim Colton talks with Wright about her deep passion and commitment to the life-long quest for human connectivity.



May 2014
Deanne Fitzmaurice: Multi-Tasker

Deanne Fitzmaurice speaks with Jim Colton about life after a Pulitzer Prize, her entrepreneurial venture with husband Kurt Rogers, embracing multimedia, staying connected to your subjects and getting naked for the sake of the story. 




 April 2014
Sacha Lecca: Rolling Stone


This week, Jim Colton interviews Rolling Stone, deputy photography editor, Sacha Lecca about growing up "in the industry," cutting his teeth at Newsweek,  a late night visit from Peter Jennings as well as late nights and weekends at Rolling Stone




April 2014 
Maggie Steber: Rite of Passage

This week, Jim Colton interviews Maggie Steber about her work on both sides of the photo desk, her long and ongoing love for Haiti, and her most recent and personal photographs documenting her mothers final years. 





March 2014
Midland (MI) Daily News - Three Amigos

On the heels of taking 3rd place in the POYi Photo Editing Portfolio, the Photographer/Editor team of Sean Proctor (also NPPA’s Small Market Photojournalist of the Year), Neil Blake and Nick King speak with Jim Colton about trust, tight edits and their commitment to local documentary photojournalism for the Midland Daily News community.



March 2014
Gregory Heisler - Exploiter of Light

This week, Jim Colton talks with veteran editorial and commercial portraitist Gregory Heisler about his favorite shoots, his controversial 1990 run in with the White House, life in academia, his new book and being a go-go dancer in the Canon booth.




March 2014
Erika Larsen - A Quiet Elegence

This week Jim Colton talks with the compassionate and quietly elegant Erika Larsen about her just published National Geographic story (March 2014), “People of the Horse”, motherhood, and honoring the gift of storytelling.




February 2014
MaryAnne Golon - The Washington Post

When MaryAnne Golon took the helm as assistant managing editor and director of photography at The Washington Post last year,  she says it was "like finding an old favorite pair of boots in the back of the closet." This week Golon speaks with Jim Colton about her long and lusterous career, producing the 9/11 special issue of TIME, her four-year break from the grind of daily news, and the comfort she finds in her newly found old boots.  


February 2014
Karen Kuehn - Burn Notice

In 2001 Karen Kuehn left behind a thriving editorial career in New York City to raise her son in rural New Mexico. Jim Colton speaks with Kuehn about the gogo 80s and 90s, New Mexico's spiritual call, her ongoing project documenting the annual Burning Man festival in Nevada's Black Rock desert, and her hopes to sustain her accomplished career. 



January 2014
Marco Grob - Rejection to Redemption

After a twenty year career as a still life photographer in Switzerland, ten years ago Marco Grob switched to photographing people and has become a leading editorial portraitist. Grob talks with Jim Colton about his early rejection by a Swiss photography school, giving back, shooting video and his passion for supporting UNMAS (United Nations Mine Action Service). 




December 2013
Yunghi Kim - Core Values

Photojournalist Yunghi Kim talks about the struggled she faced getting "Korean Comfort Women" published. She also shares her views on iPhoneography, Instagram, "postcard photojournalism," and her ideas on how photographers can preserve the core value of their work.




December 2013
Ben Lowy - Embracing Change

Ben Lowy and Jim Colton talk about everything from drawing cadavers in a St. Louis morgue to walking over bodies in Libya… all while innovating with every tool available to him, including the iPhone.



November 2013
Brad Smith - Return Engagement

Jim Colton talks with the new director of photography at Sports Illustrated, Brad Smith. Colton follows Smith's career path through the French photography agency Sygma to the White House, Circus magazine and The New York Times. Now in his second stint at Sports Illustrated, Smith gives an inside look at SI's journey from a weekly magazine to a 24-hour sports news service. 



November 2013
Dennis Dimick – An Environmental Portrait

Jim Colton interviews National Geographic Executive Editor Dennis Dimick about his long career at National Geographic, the magazine's shift to digital, and the "emerging field of environmental photojournalism."




October 2013
Preston Gannaway: Leap of Faith

This week, Photo Journal talks with Preston Gannaway about her Kickstarter funded book Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, her early influences, her Pulitzer Prize -winning work and the recent leap of faith she made by diving into the freelance pool.




October 2013
Peter Turnley: French Kiss

This week, in a two-part interview with Peter Turnley, Jim Colton looks back on Turnley's long and extraordinary front row seat on history.  In part one, Turnley shares how as teens he and brother David were mentored by some of the greatest photographers of the age. In part two, Turnley reflects on covering some of the most important international stories and events of the past 35 years, his long love affair with Paris and a new book, "French Kiss."



September 2013
Jacquelyn Martin: Feeding the Soul 


Jim Colton interviews the very passionate Washington D.C. based  Associated Press photographer Jacquelyn Martin about her early influences, women in photojournalism, and her recently completed personal project "Tribe of Ghosts."



September 2013
Naples Daily News: Eric Strachan

Eric Strachan began his career as a staff photographer with the Naples Daily News in 1981. Now, as senior managing editor, he supervises all editorial operations. This week Jim Colton talks with Strachan about building a great staff, staying relevant to readers, and his faith in the power of photography produced by professionals. 



August 2013
Chris Capozziello: A Brother's Love 


This week Jim Colton talks with Chris Capozziello about life as an independent photographer, reaching an audience through online marketing, staying true to himself, and the challenges he faced documenting his twin brother Nick's life with cerebral palsy. 



August 2013
Róbert Csere and .týždeň 

In the landlocked Central European country of Slovakia, the news magazine .týždeňis making its photographic voice heard loud and clear. Reaching out to a national audience of 5.4 million since 2004, .týždeň’s impact on visuals has not gone unnoticed here in the US where it has been recognized by some of the largest and most prestigious photography contests. This week Jim Colton speaks with .týždeň's photo editor Róbert Csere.



July 2013
April Saul: Camden NJ, No Place to Grow Up

April Saul proved that a woman could be a mom and build an award studded 30-year career shooting stories "closer to home." Saul talks about that journey, her recent award winning projects and the rewards of following her heart. 





July 2013
David H. Wells: Foreclosed Dreams

David H. Wells speaks with Jim Colton about being relentless in connecting with new audiences, the importance of long-term personal projects and why the ability to take pictures may be the least important thing in making a living in photography.   


June 2013
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Brian Peterson

This week Jim Colton interviews the Minneapolis Star Tribune staff photographer Brian Peterson about "giving readers real moments," staying true to one's vision, and what it took for him to sustain a long and vibrant career. 

June 2013
Chicago Tribune: Double Exposure

Of the many online photography blogs published by newspapers today, “Shooting from the Hip,” by Scott Strazzante and “Assignment Chicago” by Alex Garcia are among the best. Jim Colton interviews the two Chicago Tribune staff photographers about giving online readers deeper insights to their photographs and photojournalism as a whole.


April 2013
The Commercial Appeal

Jim Colton provides a two-part look at the Memphis paper. In part one he interviews Assistant Managing Editor for Visuals, John Sale, about connecting readers to the world through local hooks in national and international stories. In part two, Colton interviews Alan Spearman about shooting video and the shift in mindset to do it well.




March 2013
Rich Clarkson: He's Got Game

This week, in a two-part Photo Journal, Jim Colton interviews Rich Clarkson about the dual threads in his photographic life. In Part One, Clarkson talks about his long association with the NCAA Division 1 Basketball Championships, his 59th consecutive year of coverage.  In Part Two Clarkson shares his thoughts on his long career as an editor, talent spotter and the genesis of Rich Clarkson & Associates.




March 2013
The Tampa Bay Times' Intern That Could

In this installment of Photo Journal, Jim Colton interviews Tampa Bay Times intern Eve Edelheit about her experience gaining experience, mentorship and creating a weekly column during the high school football season that plugged her into the community. 

February 2013:
The Virginian-Pilot: All Hands on Deck

This week Photo Journal interviews The Virginian-Pilot director of photography Randall Greenwell about how the paper addresses the needs and interests of its civilian and military readers.

February 2013:
Los Angeles Times / A Tale of Two Stories

This two part Photo Journal takes a look at the inner workings of the Los Angeles Times photography department through the eyes of Deputy Director of Photography Alan Hagman and Staff Photographer Robert Gauthier.  Also featured are selected images from Liz O. Baylen's award winning story "Dying for Relief."




January 2013:
TIME Magazine / LightBox

TIME Magazine's Director of Photography Kira Pollock discusses delivering "a strong unified photographic approach" for TIME's print and online platforms, covering Hurricane Sandy, and using Instagram and social media outlets to reach 11 million readers. She also lists her favorite LightBox postings.

January 2013:
The Herald / Jasper, Indiana

Dave WeatherwaxThe Herald's chief photographer and photo editor talks to Jim Colton about what it takes to deliver consistently fresh and engaging high-caliber visual journalism to The Herald's rural readership of 11,300 subscribers. 

December 2012:
In Focus / The Atlantic

Alan Taylor speaks about his mission to deliver readers high-impact, high-resolution visual journalism via his blog three days per week. 

November 2012:
Heroin In Denver / The Denver Post

Tim Rasmussen, Assistant Managing Editor for Photography and Multimedia at The Denver Post, discusses the Post's three part series on young heroin addicts Angel, Alice and Amanda. The still images were shot by Staff Photographer Joe Amon between April 2012 and November 2012 and published in the Post in October. 

November 2012:
The Presidential Election 

Cornelius Schmid, a seven-year-veteran photo editor at The New York Times, shares some of his favorite images from The Times' election day coverage, along with his thoughts on the photographic electoral process.


  James K. Colton began his career in 1972 as the color picture editor for the Associated Press. Five years later he joined Newsweek and became the director of photography in 1992. Most recently, he was a photography editor at Sports Illustrated. He is on the Board of Directors of the Eddie Adams Workshop, and is a mentor for J Camp, sponsored by the Asian American Journalists Association. He received the “Golden Career Award” at FotoFusion 2004 by the Palm Beach Photographic Centre, was the Jury Chairman for the World Press Photo contest in 2005,  received an International Photography Awards “Lucie” for Picture Editor of the Year in 2007, was named Magazine Picture Editor of the Year in 2008 by the National Press Photographers Association, was the recipient of the “Focus” award for Lifetime Achievement by the Griffin Museum in 2010, and has been acknowledged as one of the 100 most important people in photography by American Photo.