By Jim Colton

Scott Strazzante by Tamara Bell Of the many online photography blogs published by newspapers today, “Shooting from the Hip,” by Scott Strazzante and “Assignment Chicago” by Alex Garcia are among the best. They give Chicago Tribune online readers keen insights to their creative and compelling photographs. 

As photographer, writer and editor, Strazzante and Garcia share their unique and personal perspectives, giving readers daily visual treats with a personal touch -- a refreshing formula in today’s publishing world. But this opportunity requires extraordinary commitment to meeting daily deadlines, which frequently means hitting the publish button just under the wire!

Alex Garcia by Bill Hogan I asked them to share how their blogs came about, how they balance their workload between daily assignments for the print editions and their blogs, as well as their thoughts on the industry today, the recent mass layoff of the Chicago Sun-Times photography staff and what lies ahead on their horizons.


Scott Strazzante: Shooting from the Hip

Alex Garcia: Assignment Chicago