Lecture Series- Kitra Cahana

Teamwork...Even When There's Only One of You- Scott Rensberger

Coffee Break sponsored by Nikon 

Expert Tax Strategies for Photographers- Michael Fine
Delivery Matters: 19 Ways To Craft A Better Story Online - Thad Allender

News Doesn't Happen in the Newsroom! - Scott Broom

Lunch on your own

Stay Inspired in a World of Diminishing Resources - Ben Garvin

Copyright How and Why - Alicia Calzada

Turning the Mundane into a Masterpiece - John Kirtley


Please pick up any remaining gear at Nikon and Canon left for clean and check

Finding the Magic in the Edit- Colin McIntyre


Soda break sponsored by Canon 

Lecture Series - Nikki Kahn

Your Dime, Their Time- Video panel discussion

Northern Short Course Awards and NPPA Honors Reception
Tickets $30.00 available at the Northern Short Course Registration desk