Video Storytelling Workshops

Bring your stories and a willingness to learn from each other and the best in the business. We look forward to a lively tape critique session on Friday night. Tape critiques will be available Friday evening and throughout the conference on Saturday. Arrangements will be announced at the start of the program.

It doesn’t matter if your shooing with a 3 person crew on a RED camera or by yourself with a GoPro, for network news or your own blog, the principals of storytelling that make your work better than the competition are universal. Three time Ernie Crisp photographer of the year Darren Durlach has done it all from local news with broadcast cameras, to websites with DSLR’s and he will share his tips and show his work to explain and demonstrate how regardless of your equipment or your target output the fundamentals of great storytelling always apply.

From city council meetings to fires at abandoned buildings, month long investigations to heartfelt features it takes every type of story to fill your broadcast and your website. How do you win at every one and tell a great story? You have to have a unifying philosophy behind every shot and every interview. Scott Jensen has proven time and time again that a winning philosophy equals success and he will share his stories and his tips for making sure that every story matters to the journalist and the viewer.

You can’t think about photojournalism in Boston or New England without thinking of Stanley Forman. Three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Forman has dedicated decades to outstanding image-making. Forman has worked since 1983 as a cameraman at Boston station WCVB-TV.

He offers an excellent perspective on both video and still journalism. As you can imagine, Forman has many stories to tell. Stanley will show his work, answer your questions and offer insights into the strengths of both still and TV storytelling.


Joe Carroll of WCAX’s favorite stories are the ones that combine a strong character with great visuals, making the viewer feel they are there.  Joe reports, shoots and writes his own pieces.  He has a popular weekly series focusing on older active people in the region.  Joe will talk about setting up and shooting segments on “common” people.  He will also discuss how you navigate the newsroom and convince management that you can succeed at bringing back great stories.


Five Ernie Crisp Awards, three Pulitzers, and countless Emmys – all giving their undivided attention to you. You would be hard pressed to find this much storytelling talent all in one place, at one time, with only you in mind.  So bring your questions, your curiosity, and even your stories to this open panel session. What can you do to be more efficient in the edit bay? How do you find stories on your own that the station wants to cover? How does your reel stack up to the competition? Is there anything you should change to make your resume more appealing? How do you monitor a scanner, listen to news radio, and talk to the assignment desk by phone while eating fast food, taking notes, and driving. Bring your reels, resumes, and any questions you ever wanted answered about the news business or anything else. This panel of the best in business is all ears, and eager to offer their suggestions, advice, and maybe even witty quip or two.