Bring your stories and a willingness to learn from each other and the best in the business. We look forward to a lively tape critique session on Friday night. Tape critiques will be available Friday evening and throughout the conference on Saturday.

Every assignment from a city council meeting to a dumpster fire has the potential for great storytelling if you know how to approach it. NPPA 2014 Ernie Crisp runner up John Kirtley will discuss and demonstrate what it takes to get from the assignment meeting, out into to the field and back into the edit bay with an strong story in hand. John is all about making the most basic of assignments into strong stories.   John will show work from his winning reel and demonstrate how you can make your stories more memorable.

No matter how well shot, every story has the potential to fall flat. The best reporting and strongest shooting won’t make it to the awards table or the ratings chart if they aren't put together well. Colin McIntyre,producer and senior cameraman for Aljazeera. has traveled the globe shooting everything from breaking news to in-depth investigative stories, out of local newsrooms and international network bureaus. He's learned that it’s not a story till it is all assembled in the edit bay. How do you take either 10 minutes or ten hours of raw footage and craft it into masterpiece?  Storytelling is not in the tools, it is in the technique.

How do you set up your interviews while you’re lugging gear? Or how do you focus on getting the best shots while you’re trying to develop your characters?? "My photographer didn't get the shots I wanted!”  "My reporter didn't give me enough time to edit!" Former NPPA Ernie Crisp photographer of the year Scott Rensberger has been having those discussions for decades, the catch is he's been having them with himself. Called the best one man band in the world by the BBC, Scott has traveled the world telling stories and winning awards as a one man band. As a journalist, Rensberger lives by the saying, "A good story is EVERYTHING.  If you don't have a great story, everything you do to help a bad story, is equivalent to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic." He'll share works and his tips on how succeed on your own.

You would be hard pressed to find this much storytelling talent all in one place, at one time, with only you in mind.  So bring your questions, your curiosity, and even your stories to this open panel session with Scott Rensberger, John Kirtley, Colin McIntyre and Scott Broom. What can you do to be more efficient in the edit bay? How do you find stories on your own that the station wants to cover? How does your reel stack up to the competition? Is there anything you should change to make your resume more appealing? How do you monitor a scanner, listen to news radio, and talk to the assignment desk by phone while eating fast food, taking notes, and driving. Bring your reels, resumes, and any questions you ever wanted answered about the news business or anything else. This panel of the best in business is all ears, and eager to offer their suggestions, advice, and maybe even witty quip or two.

GoPros. Iphones, Hotspots, Scanners, Twitter, Facebook, and fast food. Scott Broom's office has a great view, it's just sometimes going by at 60mph. With all of the technology and connectivity available to us today it's possible to work smarter and faster from where ever you happen to be. From his years of experience as a traditional "Coat and Tie" reporter Scott learned that news rarely if ever happens in the newsroom. With more broadcast show time to fill and ever preset deadlines on the web, the modern one man band is always behind the clock. How do you stay ahead and stay creative? Scott Broom is often asked, "How the heck can you do anything that passes as legitimate TV reporting if you're busy driving, shooting, editing and posting to the web?" Broom has learned to find the balance in today's
digital age and it starts by skipping the office and going right to the stories.