Martin Smith-Rodden is an Assistant Professor for Journalism at the Ball State University College of Communication, Information, and Media. He teaches topics ranging from Visual Communication to Media Psychology. He is an experienced photojournalist, photo editor and media psychologist.

Martin has been a photographer for daily newspapers since 1981, in markets such as Washington, D.C., (The Journal Newspapers, 1981 through 1983), San Antonio, Texas, (The San Antonio Light, 1983 – 1986), and in Hampton Roads (1986 through present). His work has taken him to earthquake scenes in Mexico City, coverage of hurricanes (too many to count), military actions in Bosnia, Haiti and most currently, The Persian Gulf, Kuwait and Iraq. He has been the Daily Sections Photo Editor at The Pilot since 2005 and a team leader in the Pilot’s Photography Department since 2006. He is a former Region 3 Photographer of the Year for NPPA (1996), and was named the National Press Photographers Association Photo Editor of the Year for 2011.

Martin received a degree in social sciences (sociology concentration) from Virginia Wesleyan College, and a Master of Science in Experimental Psychology and a doctorate in Applied Experimental Psychology at Old Dominion University. His academic and research interests are in media psychology, social cognition, judgment and decision making. He researches media effects from exposure to news imagery.