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Formerly a staff editor and photographer at the Christian Science Monitor and The Providence Journal, I coordinated with staff photographers or produced imagery myself. I believe in team work. As a freelance photographer for years, I am also capable of carrying the ball independently. I am facile with the Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut, captioning with Photo Mechanic and archiving with Merlin.

My approach to photography is personal and engaging, working closely with clients to assess their needs, planning projects from conception to usage to archiving, and producing memorable imagery showcased in effective visual pieces. My flexibility, listening skills and enthusiasm is recognized by my colleagues.

In addition, I am familiar with maintaining calendars of events and timetables for production and distribution, tweeting links to photo slideshows, preparing images and video for Facebook, and promoting photo galleries on Tumblr.

I am currently an Adjunct Professor of Photojournalism at Emerson College and Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Please note the link to my website http://joanneciccarello.photoshelter.com

Production Skills & Specialities

Documentary, Nature, Weddings, Portrait, Photo Editing, Multimedia Production, Still Photography