Ryan Rodrick Beiler

Bethlehem , Bethlehem , Palestinian Territory, Occupied


When I first drafted my resume after college, my career goal was “documentary photojournalism covering social justice issues.” However, discouraged from following a more traditional route of newspaper photojournalism, I chose a more activist route, starting as an intern and then working as Web Editor for Sojourners magazine from 1999-2010, where I enjoyed the mix of visual design and editorial skills needed for that job as it evolved over the years.

During my tenture at Sojourners, I also sought out various freelance photojournalism assignments, including trips to Honduras, Uganda, Colombia, Palestine, Zambia, and the post-Katrina Gulf Coast. That, combined with duties as the in-house photographer for Sojourners shooting many interviews and events, kept my passion for photojournalism active and growing.

Since 2010 I’ve been working in Palestine and Israel for the development NGO Mennonite Central Committee, where I apply my photographic skills in service of various local partner organizations, including constituent education and advocacy regarding the complex political, religious, and social issues at play here. My primary affiliation is with the Alternative Information Center, a joint Palestinian-Israeli media organization. I’m also a member of the Activestills collective.

The one thing that has remained constant throughout the development of my photographic vocation is the desire to tell stories that inspire action on behalf of the marginalized and oppressed—and doing so in a way consistent with my faith, values, and integrity.

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Documentary, Disaster Coverage, Conflict Coverage, Still Photography

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