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Sarah Rice is a documentary and editorial photographer based in Portland, Maine. Born in Michigan, she’s made her living making pictures since graduating college with a BA in photojournalism. She’s lived and worked on both coasts. Freelance for more than a decade now, she shoots regularly for The New York Times and Getty, and her work has been published by National Geographic, The New Yorker, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, CNN.com, NBCnews.com, and The Center for Investigative Reporting among other outlets. She previously had been both a staff photographer and on contract for newspapers including The San Francisco Chronicle and The Newark Star -Ledger. She speaks enough Spanish to get around comfortably while living in Mexico, but not enough to impress any of her Spanish teachers.

Sarah is available for assignments anywhere. She’s particularly interested in long-term documentary projects that involve marginalized and outlier populations, and those that explore the ties that bind human beings to one another.

Production Skills & Specialities

Documentary, Portrait, Still Photography