Ron Levy

Instructor, University of Alaska, Kenai campus

Soldotna , Alaska , United States


I have been photographing for editorial, commercial and governmental clients since the mid-1980s. Photographs have been exhibited in galleries, museums, and publications including National Geographic, Smithsonian, National Wildlife, and the BBC. Images have also appeared on NBC, PBS, and exhibits in the London Museum of Natural History, Ottawa Museum, Carnegie Museum, Hollywood Director's Guild, and the Premiere of China's personal residence.

Through the years, I have photographed controversial Presidents and other world leaders, and enjoy integrating my Alaska experiences such as the Iditarod Race into world issues and events. My "Guiding Light" Iditarod Poster series began in 20011 and continues to bring in money to cancer charities. I have been a guest speaker on radio programs and in university classes on various photography-related subjects, currently teaching classes in Media Ethics, Digital Darkroom and Camera Techniques.

In 25+ of shooting worldwide, I have encountered just about every sort of ethical dilemma you can think of both in the field and in editorial situations.

I am passionate about using photography to help community and global issues, and have helped NGOs and charities with issues ranging from endangered species in Ecuador, illegal clearcutting in Mexico, the China-Tibet conflict and elephant rehabilitation in Southeast Asia.

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Production Skills & Specialities

Aerial, Corporate, Documentary, Fashion, Nature, Sports, Portrait, Disaster Coverage, Spot News, Still Photography

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Phone: 907-252-6931

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