I was born in Inglewood California in the 60s and I went to Nathan Narbonne high school In Harbor City in the 70s. I Have Autism, Cerebral Palsy and a mild tremor which I am proud of and I share that pride with others through my photographs and working around others who also have similar hardships in their life. I'm a nerd, geek, scientist and artist, country music lover and rock n roller. I enjoy SciFi, but prefer seeing Marvel/DC movies. I will stay up all night watching Star Trek. I am a crazy cat man, but my love for animals extends to all furry creatures.

   I graduated from Fresno community college in 2006 with a degree in communication disorders and graduated Fresno State University in 2013 with a bachelors degree in Geography, Minor Degree in Communication Disorders and a certificate in Geography Information System. I would photograph the Star Trek conventions in Las Vegas which is a passion of mine but currently I am working at Walmart in Fresno where I am a stock clerk.

  My passion for photography began with my dad. Because every little boy wants to be like his fother, I followed my interest around social activities. I remember playing with my dad's old Minolta camera 35mm he also had a 70 mm box camera that I also enjoyed and later doing school activities like the high school band which I was the photographer. Photography took a slight back seat during my main college years, but my camera came out briefly while I worked in Long Beach, & Marine land in San Pedro Where I volunteered, I also did photographing in the summer and after school programs. After college, being involved more in my dance school brought my camera back out and in focus. And the rest is history.
   My goal is to Photograph unique weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes, damaging hailstorms, dangerous rainstorms, windstorms, extreme heat and cold. I am also interested in civil unrest and the extremes it takes on the human body and major social events like war, threat of war, and terrorist threats around the world. which is my first love of life. My second love of life is ....... Itis going to happen like Spock would say itis the most logical course of action in the evolution of my life. The doors swing open in May of 2018 with the support of friends and family and people on These websites like PPA. The people that I will run into on the PPA website will be invaluable in helping me get started and with my Canon SLR 35mm digital camera and a little bit of luck.

Production Skills & Specialities

Nature, Disaster Coverage, Conflict Coverage, Backpack Journalism