Bill Ray

Photograher, Editor, PHOTOLISAM

Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Kansas City really world wide. , Oklahoma , United States


I am a very open minded, straight forward and emotionally expressive photographer that can see and take that special photo which expresses a story with no words and get the real story to go a long with the photo. I am comfortable in almost in situation. have experience work in the logical engineering world, the illogical creative arts world, the exciting in motion sports world, the all business fashion world, the improbable every day world, the massive your just a number corporate world, the advancing and decaying medical world, the irrational political world and several of the in-between worlds.
I have a passion and natural way of getting the best a photo of a person, invent, setting or object at the prefect time. I enjoy making people feel comfortable, at easy and open when we sharing time together weather it be for an hour, a day or a life time. I always give a person my undivided attention, listening closely, taking accurate notes so I can truly express a persons visions, their thoughts or aspects of the work they want completed and accomplished from me during a project Or to be unbiased as a person tells me the truth about their version of a story or event.

Lets work hand in hand as we open each others thoughts about the best ways to visually or visually written ways to best tell/show the truth, sell your ideals, show what happened or just record that place in history.

Bill Ray

Production Skills & Specialities

Corporate, Documentary, Fashion, Nature, Sports, Weddings, Portrait, Disaster Coverage, Conflict Coverage, Backpack Journalism, Photo Editing, Spot News, Still Photography

Contact Information

Phone: (918) 576-8057