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I'm a proud Colorado native and I'm on an adventure that has given me a feeling that I've never had before. The opportunities, encounters, life-long lessons, and experiences are endless. My world has exploded. Pursuing to be a multimedia journalist and a videographer is to embark on a journey that not only builds the foundation for my career, but also trains me to appreciate the small moments of tapping into the ideas, passions, and culture of a variety of people.

My passion and profession is to captivate and connect communities through the art of visual storytelling with video. I am a video journalist with over five years of career experience in news and commercial video production. I have countless experiences with crafting videos for a variety of people, places, and ideas. I am currently a videographer in the new frontier of online platforms for print media, where adaptability and innovation is critical to deliver compelling content to a changing audience.

This sense of daily exploration cannot be found in many jobs. I'm happy to be in a field where it is always found. I was formerly a reporter in Minnesota, and now I'm enjoying my new opportunity as a videographer and editor for The Gazette in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I'm social-media enthusiast, a hungry learner, and a news junkie who always analyzes and adapts her role for the public to give them the right lens into the world.

Production Skills & Specialities

Documentary, Weddings, Video Production, Video Editing, Video Effects, Backpack Journalism, Spot News, Multimedia Production