Program manager for Hero Dogz. Focuses on activity and outreach to disabled 1st responder and veterans with dogs in the state of Florida.
Manager of The photo-journal covers all aspects of canine life in Florida and started as a simple FB page, but now recognized as a news source by national and international canine organizations including the AKC, UpDog, USBCHA, UAD, ASFA, AHBA and many more.
About me
Born in the USA, but moved to the UK aged 9. Attended school and the London College of Graphic Design and Publishing in the early 80s. After 12 Years in the United States Navy I worked as a Media Director and wrote articles for online magazines including the gaming magazine IGN. Credited in WSJ, IMDB and USA Today.

I recently overcame some long time debilitating illness through photography and adding journalistic commentary. Though currently listed as a "high risk" disabled veteran, the meaning and purpose visual journalism for this niche subject has provided me, allows me to help as many as I can with tthe stories and images I produce.

Production Skills & Specialities

Nature, Sports, Backpack Journalism, Photo Editing, Still Photography