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I have been working in television production since 1988 and started my freelance business in 1997. While I am mainly a DP using HD video cameras (HDX900, PMW-300K, C100 and rent others), I started out (5 years) editing commercials, long format and news, TD and directing news before moving on to sound recordist for a number of years. I have all the latest production tools for location work with lighting kits (tungsten, HMI and LED), grip and electric, and sound recording kit (SD 664, Lectrosonics), plus a mobile KU band VSAT satellite uplink system for streaming live or recorded video, plus telephone and Internet connections at any location. See http://www.audiocam.com for more information and a long list of national and international production credits for broadcasters and corporations.

I carry liability and workers comp insurance and can supply single or multi-person crew that include: camera, audio, field producer, grip, PA, makeup, editor and more.

Production Skills & Specialities

Corporate, Documentary, Nature, Sports, Weddings, Disaster Coverage, Conflict Coverage, Video Production, Video Editing, Video Effects, Spot News, Multimedia Production