Todd Wardrope

Producer, TWVS

Minneapolis , Minnesota , United States


I come to digital imaging through a long and winding road which has led me to photography, Super-8, 16mm, DV and now the current golden age of HD production. I have a keen sense of the visual and a commitment to effective storytelling.

I am currently freelance, both as crew and producer. However, I I am looking for an interesting long-term position in service of a consistent vision and message.

I own quite a bit of Canon gear, lights and microphones. Edit on FCP7/X and familiar with Premiere as well.

Production Skills & Specialities

Corporate, Documentary, Sports, Weddings, Disaster Coverage, Conflict Coverage, Video Production, Video Editing, Backpack Journalism, Spot News, Multimedia Production, Still Photography

Contact Information

Phone: 612-250-3857

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