Veronica Wills

Spokane , Washington , United States


I believe humanity is linked by stories. It's always been important to us to express our experiences, our hopes, our secrets, through the craft of story. But stories don't always come accompanied by words.

I specialize in visual storytelling. Where words fail, images can speak truth to the deepest parts of ourselves. This is what I strive for, to tell a story using composition, color, character, melding the found with the created, in order to talk about the things that escape any other form of description.

I engage with my world mostly through my eyes. My work speaks to all the others out there like myself, those people who remember their loves, their tears, their excitement, through the images that accompanied them. I hope they recognize their stories in the telling of my own.

Production Skills & Specialities

Aerial, Documentary, Nature, Portrait, Disaster Coverage, Conflict Coverage, Backpack Journalism, Photo Editing, Spot News

Contact Information

Phone: 509-570-6281

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