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I'm an accidental paparazzo.
At age 36, I embarked on a midlife career change and started working as a newspaper reporter. Within months of my starting date, the paper eliminated its staff photographer position and asked reporters to take their own photos.
At first, I was furious and nearly quit on the spot. And I was terrible at it. My first photo assignment was so bad -- so overexposed -- my editor sent me right back out to do it over again. But over the ensuing months, I developed an eye for the work and, soon thereafter, a passion.
At age 40, while at my third newspaper, I decided to go all in as a photographer. I quit my job as a staff writer and started freelancing as an editorial photographer.
A year later, I was hired as a part-time staff photographer at Portland Press Herald, in Portland, Maine.
A year after that, I was hired full time.

Production Skills & Specialities

Documentary, Sports, Portrait, Disaster Coverage, Spot News, Still Photography