Alex LeMay

Executive Producer/Director/Writer, New Velocity Media

Los Angeles , California , United States


Alex LeMay is an award winning feature film and broadcast director. Over his 15-year career he has directed a number of acclaimed feature films and documentaries His award winning feature documentary, The Bulls of Suburbia caught the eye of Universal Studios, for whom he produced and directed the bullfighting sequence for the Academy Award nominated film SEABISCUIT, starring Jeff Bridges and Toby McGuire.

LeMay’s award winning documentary, Desert Bayou, which tells the story of 600 African-American evacuees of hurricane Katrina that were airlifted to the entirely white state of Utah without their knowledge, was nominated for outstanding documentary at the 2008 NAACP Image Awards, Broadcast worldwide on Fox. This film was also endorsed by the ACLU as well as leading political figures such as John Conyers (Chair of the House Judiciary Committee), Donna Brazil (CNN) and the NAACP itself. Opening theatrically nationwide in October of 2007 to critical acclaim, Desert Bayou helped to form a robust national debate about the handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. LeMay also won a Poli Award for best campaign ad for the 2004 election cycle. He has run and operated the Chicago-based motion picture production company, Taproot Productions, since 1993. As EXecutive Producer at New Velocity Media, LeMay heads up the development and creation of all unscripted and documentary content.

Production Skills & Specialities

Aerial, Documentary, Sports, Disaster Coverage, Video Production, Backpack Journalism, Multimedia Production

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