I have been working as a video photographer in media / television and film for over 18 years . My list of credits includes KM64 Birth of a skate park directed by David Keating filmed in Mexico , Shay Elliot ( Cycle of Bethrayal) which has been critically acclaimed and nominated for best documentary at the IFTAs 2010. I also shot the IFTA nominated TK Wittaker documentary. I directed two feature films , one of which An Irish Exorcism has current distribution in the US and Canada on all relevant media platforms. I now live in Washington DC and work as a Video Photographer with many leading US media organisations including BBC, CGTN America, PBS and Fox . In addition , I am currently a video photographer on a new documentary focusing on the life of Jim Morrison .

Production Skills & Specialities

Corporate, Documentary, Nature, Sports, Portrait, Disaster Coverage, Conflict Coverage, Video Production, Video Editing, Backpack Journalism, Spot News