Colette Frantz Photography

Documental Photographer/Art Historian/Museum Consultant, Colette Frantz Photography

Lewisburg , Pennsylvania , United States


“Photography offers the artist a wide array of media and tools to work with. Realism is important to my work; this however does not mean a photograph needs to be static or boring. Creativity can be achieved while maintaining the integrity of the image. For me creativity is achieved by capturing people and places as they ebb and flow through life by utilizing lighting, film speed, and the aperture settings of my camera to set the mood of a composition.” ~ Colette Frantz~

Colette Frantz is a documental photographer specializing in the arts, architecture, culture, travel, tourism, environmental and social issues. She holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in political science and art history as well as graduate work in museum studies and art education- Master of Science in Education with a concentration in Art.

Production Skills & Specialities

Corporate, Documentary, Nature, Sports, Disaster Coverage, Backpack Journalism, Photo Editing, Spot News, Still Photography

Contact Information

Phone: 570.490.6322

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