Cody James Grimsrud

Calgary , Alberta , Canada


I can’t help but think a picture might be better descriptor of me than what information might come across in a bio, but I am the same kid that thought my dad could see around corners and jumped off the deck holding an umbrella expecting to float gently down just like Mary Poppins. Imagine a very disappointed and bruised kid lying at the bottom of said deck. I am that same kid that put shorts and cowboy boots on together, filled a red wagon with sandwiches and books and left home dead set on running away after the realization I’d never be able to sit on clouds like Peter Pan. I was also crushed when I couldn’t get my bike to fly like E.T. I knew Dumbo was a little far fetched, but I did try to stand on a rug in mid-air, off the side of the deck. Aladdin’s confounded carpet had tassels, and mine didn’t. The first time I was ever on a plane, the pilot let me come up to the front and hold the controls. After that the majority of my childhood was devoted to looking at clouds and figuring out how to fly.

Apparently I did not figure it out, because here I am stuck to the Earth, very much in accordance with the laws of gravity. I currently study journalism, though apparently there is a repressed dream of being a pilot ricocheting around my head. I spend my free time fixing and unfixing various things, making musical noise with any instruments lying around, plotting and scheming ridiculous plots and schemes, and wandering around with a camera in my face.

Production Skills & Specialities

Documentary, Nature, Weddings, Portrait, Backpack Journalism, Photo Editing, Spot News, Still Photography

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