I love you with an Everlasting love; this is why, in my Grace, I draw you to me. Jeremiah 31:2

Tá fáilte romhat [There is a welcome in front of you]. Welcome to the Studio! I'm Kat Connor, owner-writer-photographer-consultant-artist at Saving Grace Studios - based in Altamonte Springs, Florida. One might think that this is where I illuminate you, the reader, with an accounting of my years of experience working as a professional educator, freelance writer, genealogist, & photographer, (hence....photo-genealogist) AND my many talents, and countless memberships in too many professional & community organizations, all so as to impress you! B-o-r-i-n-g! [make sure you stretch out the emphasis on that word..]. So, I'll let my work speak for itself and instead share a wee bit about myself, for it is in knowing who I am, you will know my work. After all, imaginings don't create themselves, words don't write themselves. Snapshots of life, whether written or film or print or digital, can be as much about the person behind the pen & lens as the melody itself. It is my job to convey your stories thru the medium, be it optical glass & mirrors or ink & paper. Bringing the visual lens into focus is what it is all about.

Conveying life to images & written words allows others to see the subject as God sees them, through Grace. Think about someone you've met, and you were drawn to their eyes, those people with a peculiar light radiating from the depths of their being? Have you seen it? Are you one? Is it because true Grace resides in their souls and shines forth like a beacon? What is the definition of Grace? grace. grās. noun. the exercise of love, kindness, compassion, mercy, favour; having a disposition to benefit or serve another. Since Grace is a gift from God, so it is Grace then that which is bestowed upon us. It is ours for the taking, if we want it. Too often we are blinded to it or reject it, but it is always there, waiting, like an unopened present. And, it is in accepting this gift and living in Grace that we are able to be graceful to others and encourage them to accept Grace into their being, letting it reside in their soul and illuminating their being. God tests our metal every so often, by putting us thru the fire, like a blacksmith, He forges us and makes us stronger. The “saving grace" is then the redeeming Grace of God….that most pure good thing that redeems or saves us from that which is bad. Shame says that because I am flawed I am unacceptable. Grace says that though I am flawed I am cherished.

So, you might be asking, "Who are you?" That changes day-to-day. Finding a balance amidst the daily flux of life is a challenge! In between collecting & writing inspirational stories of Grace, and bringing life to images & thoughts, I fill my days as a professional genealogist, a writer of memoirs (to coin a word: memoirist), and photographer and photo-genealogist. AND [with my husband] after raising a family of three brilliantly beautiful daughters, and seeing their families blossom, & bathing my soul in the boundless love and blind affection of two little grandsons, now adding to the pleasure with two precious new grand-daughters [one of whom is my birthday baby] and all the while planning the next 50 years as a budding travel adventurer & writer, [whew, that's a long run-on sentence!] as the this ever-evolving life opens new doors and the promise of travel & adventures. Things around here are often unpredictable and any outsider looking in would think that chaos held sway, but Grace always reigns.

Despite the never-ending craziness [there is a sign in my kitchen ....(yes, it is mine…the kitchen, silly!) that reads “In this family crazy is a relative term"], there are those things I can proclaim with great faith [and here following are my affirmations]: I wouldn't trade it all for a million dollars. I believe in God and His saving Grace. I believe Grace wins, EVERY time. I believe in His son, Jesus Christ. Although I am proud of my heritage, I stand for the National Anthem, I salute the Flag, I have a deep affection for the military [having grown up in it and surrounded by it], and I have great respect for law enforcement & first-responders. I love sunrises....I just don't like waking up early in the morning. I love sunsets even more, and the smells & sounds of the ocean, and old black & white movies, and books, and old cemeteries. I delight in walking on crunchy snow and exhaling out just to see my breath. I absolutely cherish Christmastime AND Christmas trees [you can never have too many Christmas trees! .....have you ever just put your face into a real balsam fir and just breathed in deeply... through your nose??? Mmm-mm-m].

I am infinitely in awe when watching the northern lights, will hike miles in search of eagles' nests, and can lay awake keeping watch on the stars and counting the orbits of satellites. It is rare that I am not smiling [I am reminded of many times, during the daily bus service of their childhood, my girls would look at me and say “mom, stop smiling…its creepy."]. I revel in working late into the night and finding my creative genius in the wee hours. I possess dozens of notebooks of varying shapes & sizes, and always keep at least one under my pillow [with pen or pencil] so when I am stirred from sleep with thoughts, I can write them down to decipher later [and sometimes the handwriting looks worse than my husband's!].

I adore my grandsons so much, I think I could just eat them all up […this I have been told is a sign of the deepest form of love]. I find contentment in the smell of fresh-cut grass [memories from childhood, of my father ~ who recently passed thru the mists (Jan 24, 2016) and my heart aches].

I have traveled far and near, and experienced the richness of different cultures. I have studied art and I have studied physics, and taught them as well, discovering along the way that they exist because of each other, not in spite of each other, and if you take one away, the other fades in its radiance.

At the end of the day, without a doubt, I am one blest lady to have a husband & family that goes along with my every now and then crazy & fantastic adventures.

With fire in her soul, and grace in her heart, 'tis herself at [email protected].

Orlando-based photographer - writer - artist - photo-genealogist ~ Illuminating Grace in Life ~  Bringing life to images & thoughts ~ Telling your story thru pictures & words.

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