I was named as part of the National Geographic Society's Emerging Explorer class in 2013, and named a Fellow in 2016. In 2016, I founded the first solely conservation technology focused makerspace and prototyping lab named Conservify ( The organization focuses on how open source technologies can be leveraged to gather data and empower local communities through innovative tools aimed at changing our planet’s future. In the last year, Conservify has built and deployed low-cost conservation drones for coastal monitoring, open-source environmental monitoring sensor networks in the Okavango Delta, acoustic monitoring buoys in the Pacific, seismic recording stations in Canadian glaciers, and a water sampling robot in Peru’s Boiling River. I am also a New England Aquarium Ocean Conservation Fellow and PopTech Social Innovation Fellow.

Production Skills & Specialities

Aerial, Documentary, Nature, Underwater, Disaster Coverage, Conflict Coverage, Backpack Journalism, Still Photography