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Vladimir Andronov,
Year of birth: 1969
Education: Higher

Graduate courses New York Institute of Photography:
1.The Complete Course in Professional Photography
2.The Intensive Course in Photojournalism

I became engaged in photography when I was 13 years old. That time only films were used, and I had a "Smena”-8 camera. The whole process of photography was interesting for me, starting from shutter release, film development, printing pictures at home in the bathroom using special trays and reagents, which I was preparing myself by my own hands, under the light of a red lamp, and to the process of glazing of completed prints. Of course, there were home snapshots of my family, friends, classmates, later there were shots made in military service. And later I started photographing outdoors. Now, when the digital cameras are used and there are more opportunities, it is even more interesting for me to be dealing with my favorite activity.

The skills in capturing a moment of human interaction with environment or influence of surroundings on a person - this is the true sign of a street photography professional for me. But in any case the basis is outdoor shooting on the city streets. So instead of chasing sunsets and exotic creatures I observe ordinary people in ordinary environment, and then I may turn it into works of art. Any photographer can make a nice shot of sunset, sure, there are also many technical subtle aspects, but still, you may simply point your camera at sunset sky and get an impressive picture. But the street, reportage photography is something else entirely. Here we shall constantly look for contrasting elements of surroundings that will contribute to making a snapshot as an interesting one.

Production Skills & Specialities

Corporate, Documentary, Nature, Sports, Portrait, Conflict Coverage, Backpack Journalism, Spot News, Still Photography