Picture Page: 1 – Memory Brings Grief – SF Chron – tight editing with wonderful photography lets the emotional impact rise to the surface on this page. Each picture builds on the next. Nice picture sizes and readability throughout.

2 – We Must Act –- Virginia Pilot - stunning doubletruck with restraint and impact that utilizes necessary text. Secondary pictures add personality and emotion to the edit.

3 – Star-spangled Day – Palm Beach Post – Wonderful dominant image surrounded by picture selections (all the same size) that compliment and advance the visual storytelling of the day.

HM – Virginia Pilot – Whale – high impact and gutsy one-picture photo page

HM – Hope to Frustration – SF Chron – a great selection of fans reacting to loss of Super Bowl. We’ve all seen these pictures and they always look the same. But this selection is a nice edit, decent picture sizes and a variety or places. Nicely done.