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News Photographer magazine is the monthly publication of the National Press Photographers Association, published continuously since NPPA’s founding in 1946. As the professional voice of visual journalism, News Photographer magazine identifies trends, delineates issues, and provides information to professionals and students alike. The magazine’s columns and news stories are often cited as “the authority” on topics ranging from law and ethics to technology and the art of photojournalism.

Newsletter Archive

Welcome to the archive page for 'The Voice' NPPA's weekly members only newsletter. If you missed an issue or it got lost in your inbox you an find PDFs of past editions listed below.

Top News

Find out what's happening in the industry as we explore news on a variety of topics pertinent to visual journalists.

Words On Pictures

Words on Pictures is a regular series of audio/visual interviews with photojournalists around the world.

Photo Journal

Curated by renowned photography editor Jim Colton, Photo Journal is a collection of dynamic images from current events appearing in newspapers, magazines, and on Web sites. Featuring great photography, this series includes photography galleries along with a deeper look inside the process of getting the work produced and published.


True innovators are rare. Especially in visual communications. This series of profiles showcases photographers and photography editors who have consistently innovated novel approaches to seeing our world.


Articles giving you a wide range of information and perspectives to help improve your photographs and career.