A marabout with his talibes in a Koranic school in Keur Massar, Senegal. Photo by Mario Cruz

Child Slavery in Senegal

A talibe begs on a bridge in the Diamaguene area, Senegal. Children are forced to beg for an average of 8 hours a day, spending their days almost without eating.
A young talibe is bound by chains in an isolation area of a daara in the city of Touba. The youngest talibes are shackled by their ankles to stop them from trying to run away.
Demba Fati, 14, was beat an iron rod after he tried to escape. Since then, he goes to the center where he was treated whenever he needs medical care.
Talibes read the Quran inside a daara in Medina district, Dakar, Senegal. They have to memorize different parts of the Quran each day before going to the streets to beg for their guardians.