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New Student Quarterly Clip Contest Results

Jul 10, 2016 Monthly Clip
There's a new set of winning contest images on the National Press Photographers Association's Web site, and that's the NPPA Student Quarterly Clip Contest results.

South Region March MNCC Results Under Review

May 4, 2016 Monthly Clip
Results from the Monthly News Clip Contest are being reviewed after it was found that not all entries from South Region in March’s contest made it to judges.

NPPA Launches New Monthly National Clip Contest, Competitions Web Site

Mar 7, 2016 Monthly Clip
The National Press Photographers Association today is launching its new Monthly National Clip Contest (MNCC) Web site, along with all of NPPA’s other contests, in the culmination of six months of volunteer collaboration by Technology Committee chair Seth Gitner, National Clip Chair Kyle Grantham, and Television Quarterly Chair John Thain.

Changes, Improvements In NPPA’s Monthly News Clip Contest

Feb 1, 2016 Monthly Clip
Big changes are coming in 2016 for NPPA’s Monthly News Clip Contest (MNCC). We’ve seen unbelievable success with the new clips system – both with ease entering, and assigning to judges. Judges are returning clips in record time, and getting them up on the Web site where everyone can see them is now drastically simpler.

2012 MNCC Regional Winners Announced

May 29, 2013 Monthly Clip
The Regional winners of the 2012 Monthly News Clip Contest have been announced by the National Press Photographers Association today. The National winners are still being judged and winners tallied, but here are the Regional results.
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