NPPA Participating In New Survey Of Media Credentialing Practices

Sep 13, 2013 Advocacy
The National Press Photographers Association is a participating partner in a new survey of media credentialing practices.

California Anti-Paparazzi Law Threatens First Amendment Rights

Aug 19, 2013 Advocacy
Earlier this summer the California legislature proposed a new “anti-paparazzi” bill, which NPPA opposes. More recently, Actresses Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner testified before the California State Assembly, voicing their support for the bill that carries with it serious First Amendment implications. The measure would make it illegal to photograph a child because of their parent’s job (i.e, acting) without the parent’s permission, and expands the scope of existing California harassment law while increasing the penalty for a violation.

Learn Legal Insights Into Photographers' Rights

Jul 23, 2013 Advocacy
Photographers need to know their rights when they are confronted by police or private security while photographing news, or a documentary, or while on a commercial assignment. So to help educate our profession, NPPA's general counsel Mickey H. Osterreicher and ASMP NorCal chapter chair Nicolo Sertorio will host a discussion on legal insights into photographers' rights on August 8, 2013, in San Francisco.

NPPA Objects To Detroit Photographer's Arrest

Jul 17, 2013 Advocacy
NPPA's general counsel Mickey H. Osterreicher has sent a letter to Detroit police chief James Craig expressing the organization's objections and concerns after the arrest of Detroit Free Press photojournalist Mandi Wright.

Senate To Consider Bill Favoring Cameras In Supreme Court

Jun 21, 2013 Advocacy
Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Chuck Grassley (R-IO) introduced legislation Thursday that would require the Supreme Court to televise proceedings, just days before the high court is expected to hand down a series of major rulings.

NPPA Encourages Members To Support The Free Flow Of Information Act 2013

Jun 10, 2013 Advocacy

DURHAM, NC (June 10, 2013) The National Press Photographers Association encourages you to write to your U.S. legislators asking them to support the Free Flow of Information Act 2013.

Yunghi Kim: Protecting Our Images

Jun 3, 2013 Advocacy
Yunghi Kim has gone public with her copyright experiences in pursuing unauthorized use of her images because, she says, she believes her experiences can be helpful to her fellow photographers. 

NPPA Responds To Yahoo! CEO's Comments

May 29, 2013 Advocacy
NPPA's president Mike Borland today in a letter to Yahoo! chief executive officer Marissa Mayer expressed the organization's disapproval of her recent comments that questioned the need for professional photographers.

Photography & the Law - Beyonce' and Beyond: A Roundup of Recent Legal Issues

May 22, 2013 Advocacy
There has been so much going on it is hard to know where to start. The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) has been involved in many issues. Most recently the NPPA sent a letter to the publicist for Beyoncé on behalf of 19 media organizations

NPPA, Media Groups, Oppose Beyoncé Tour Guidelines

May 14, 2013 Advocacy
On behalf of 19 media organizations the National Press Photographers Association has objected to Beyoncé's 2013 World Tour Guidelines for photography and television. NPPA voiced its concerns in a letter from NPPA's general counsel to the Schure Media Group.


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