White House Briefing Transcript December 12, 2013

Dec 12, 2013 Advocacy
This is the portion of the White House Briefing of Thursday December 12, 2013, where White House press secretary Jay Carney answered reporters' questions about the lack of access to President Obama by photographers:

White House Press Grills Carney On Photo Access

Dec 12, 2013 Advocacy
In the wake of this morning's Opinion piece by AP's photography director Santiago Lyon, published in The New York Times, which questioned the Obama Administration's unprecedented restrictions on photographic access to the President, today at the daily briefing members of the White House press corps grilled Obama's press secretary Jay Carney on the topic.

NPPA Urges China: Back Down On Threat To Journalists

Dec 11, 2013 Advocacy
The National Press Photographers Association has issued a statement urging China to back down from its threat to expel dozens of journalists.

Photographer Confronted By Smithsonian Security Wants Answers

Dec 10, 2013 Advocacy
A veteran photographer says he is looking for answers after being accosted by Smithsonian security guards while recording a protest of fast food workers at the museum last week.

Daniel Morel Awarded $1.22M In AFP, Getty Copyright Case

Nov 22, 2013 Advocacy
Haitian photographer Daniel Morel has been awarded $1.22 million in damages after a seven-member jury in a New York Federal Court reached a unanimous verdict against Agence France-Press and Getty Images today for "willfully" infringing upon Morel's copyright in 2010.

NPPA, National Media Coalition Protest Restricted White House Access

Nov 21, 2013 Advocacy
The apparently ever-increasing lack of access to President Barack Obama by independent journalists and news organizations who cover the White House has been evolving into a wave of deep discontent over the past year. This morning the swelling wave may have crested over on Pennsylvania Avenue following the hand delivery of a media coalition protest letter to White House press secretary Jay Carney.

Open Up The Oval

Nov 21, 2013 Advocacy
If the NSA happens to have been listening to photojournalists’ cell phones recently, which isn’t all that far fetched given the news of late, they could have picked up on a lot of chatter about how we haven’t had any real access to the president during the administration of Barack Obama. Oh, it started out promising; this was going to be the most transparent administration in history, they told us during the first term. But in reality, access got worse and worse as time went by – and during Obama’s second term, it’s been nonexistent.

Boston Police Backlash Against Recorded Phone Call To Face Test

Nov 13, 2013 Advocacy
Last August a Boston police officer aggressively confronted a man who was recording law enforcement on a public street. Tomorrow, a judge will decide whether to continue the case against a journalism student charged with illegal wiretapping for calling the Boston Police Department about the incident and recording his conversation. The judge will also decide whether to drop charges against a blogger who wrote an article supporting the student.

Canadian Photographers Now Own Their Own Copyright

Nov 11, 2013 Advocacy
A major copyright reform bill that passed into a law a year ago and took effect today in Canada assures Canadian photographers that they officially own the copyright to all of their photographs, regardless of whether they were commissioned.

Five Myths About The Federal Shield Law

Oct 30, 2013 Advocacy
NPPA has been a supporter of the Free Flow of Information Act, sometimes referred to as the Federal Shield Law. It was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee last month on a bipartisan, 13-5 vote. If passed by Congress, the Act would be the first statute to protect journalists from being forced to identify their confidential sources in federal court. Kurt Wimmer, a lawyer who specializes in free speech and the Constitutional rights of journalists, has written an article about five myths that persistently linger regarding the Act.


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