World Press Photo Issues Clarification Statement On Controversial Award

Mar 2, 2015 Ethics
After World Press Photo released a statement yesterday in which it stood by the First Place Contemporary Issue Story award given to photographer Giovanni Troilo for a controversial set of photographs called "The Dark Heart Of Europe," there was much discussion in the world's photojournalism community about whether or not WPP was condoning the staging, or setting-up, of photographs.

World Press Photo Stands By Controversial Award

Mar 1, 2015 Ethics
In the aftermath of a written complaint by the mayor of Charleroi, World Press Photo conducted an investigation into the photographs of Italian photographer Giovanni Troilo which were just recently awarded First Place in the contest's Contemporary Issue Story category.

NPPA Releases Photo Ethics Statement, Plans Symposium With World Press Photo

Feb 21, 2015 Ethics
The National Press Photographers Association's Ethics Committee today released a statement concerning ethics and photojournalism, specifically regarding several ethical considerations that came to light during the judging earlier this month of one of the industry's major annual contests, World Press Photo.

NPPA Ethics Committee Releases Statement On Disqualified World Press Photos

Feb 21, 2015 Ethics
With winners in several of the annual photojournalism competitions being announced, and the NPPA on the verge of judging its own photo competition, once again the public, already skeptical of the idea of journalistic accuracy in photography, is learning that not everyone entering those contests adhered to widely accepted ethical standards in those entries.

Reuters Denies Ethical Allegations, While Some Syria Photographs Still Questioned

Mar 18, 2014 Ethics
In response to a story last week in The New York Times that raised serious ethical questions about the practices of some news photographers in Syria following the death last year in Aleppo of an 18-year-old Reuters freelancer, the news agency issued a statement denying the article’s allegations and refuting any wrongdoing. 

After Teen Freelancer's Death, Ethical Questions About Reuters Photos In Syria

Mar 13, 2014 Ethics
After Molhem Barakat, a teenage Syrian photographer who freelanced for Reuters, was killed in December while covering rebel fighting in Aleppo, questions arose in the journalism community about what exactly was going on in Syria with freelancers. Today some of these questions have been answered when The New York Times reported that the Reuters News Picture Service, operated by Thomson Reuters, has been sending their clients news photographs from the Syrian civil war that were shot by "activists" who supported the rebels.

Sean D. Elliot Appointed NPPA Ethics Chair

Mar 10, 2014 Ethics
Sean D. Elliot has been appointed to be the chair of the National Press Photographers Association's Ethics & Standards Committee, NPPA president Mark Dolan announced today. Elliot replaces NPPA's long-standing voice of ethics John Long, who announced his retirement from the committee.

Digitally Altered Images Disqualified From World Press Finalists

Feb 14, 2014 Ethics
For those who are concerned with ethics in photojournalism, the announcement this morning of this year's World Press Photo winners was much anticipated in light of last year's controversy over whether 2012 winner Paul Hansen's top photograph had gone "too far" in digital post production.

Some Thoughts On Photojournalism Ethics Today

Jan 27, 2014 Ethics
There was an interesting confluence of ethics oriented events this week: the Associated Press dismissed a freelancer for digitally altering a photograph; VOGUE magazine retouched a series of photographs of Lena Dunham and was criticized for doing so by another magazine; and an online publication over-processed a photograph of Edward Snowden raising the specter of the famous O.J. Simpson TIME magazine cover.

Ethics Committee Debates June National Geographic Cover

Jun 9, 2013 Ethics
NPPA Ethics Committee chair John Long says that it was a simple eMail from an NPPA member who questioned the use of a digitally created photograph on the cover of the June 2013 issue of National Geographic that kicked off a Committee discussion that brought to light widely differing points of view.


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