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Were Tampa Tribune Employees Wrongfully Fired?

May 6, 2016 Business Practices
By firing more than 100 workers with no prior notice this week as part of its acquisition and closing of the 123-year-old Tampa Tribune, did the owners of the Tampa Bay Times violate federal law? And if so, could the Times be liable for damages totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not into the millions?


Mar 9, 2016 Business Practices
An Urgent Message to NPPA members

Photo Staff Cuts Continue At Thomson Reuters

Nov 20, 2014 Business Practices
More members of the photography staff at Thomson Reuters have been shown the door this week as the picture service continues a downsizing that first gained public attention last summer.

NPPA Launches Three-Part Series On Stock Photography

Jul 7, 2014 Business Practices
Today the National Press Photographers Association published the first of a three-part series by Janet Smith on Stock Photography.

NPPA And NPPF Boards To Meet August 8

Jun 25, 2014 Business Practices
The Boards of Directors for the National Press Photographers Association and the National Press Photographers Foundation are scheduled to meet on Friday, August 8, 2014, at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre in West Palm Beach, FL.

NPPA's Greg Smith To Receive IPC Leadership Award

May 13, 2014 Business Practices
Greg Smith, the Business Practices Chair for the National Press Photographers Association, will be honored by the International Photographic Council (IPC) as one of the IPC's 2014 Leadership Award recipients this Thursday in New York.

Photo Collectives & Cooperatives: An Old Model Presents A New Face

Jan 9, 2014 Business Practices
The lone-photojournalist business model is growing harder and harder to sustain. While not new, the photography collective or cooperative business model is enjoying a revival of sorts.

NPPA Business Blitz Launched For Laid-Off Sun-Times Staff

Jul 15, 2013 Business Practices
There will be a special edition of the National Press Photographers Association's "Business Blitz Roadshow" held in Chicago on July 31 for all of the Chicago Sun-Times photojournalists who were the victims of the newspaper's mass lay-off in May.

Greg Smith Appointed NPPA Business Practices Chair

Jun 28, 2013 Business Practices
Greg Smith has been named as the new NPPA Business Practices Committee chair, NPPA president Mike Borland announced today.

The Photographers' Outlook On 2013

Jan 31, 2013 Business Practices
PhotoShelter has released the results of a recent photographers' survey where they asked questions about their major marketing and business goals for 2013.


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