NPPA New England Driving Short Course

October 21-22 2016 Dorchester, MA || Join us at The Boston Globe’s headquarters in Dorchester, to be inspired and educated by some of the best in the business. We'll shine a spotlight on what it takes to be successful as a photojournalist in this changing environment, whether you’re an industry veteran or just starting out. This workshop is for all visual storytellers, because whether you work in print, broadcast, online, still photography, video, multimedia or some hybrid of all, the lines are blurring more each day.

Northern Short Course 2017

March 2-4 2017 Fairfax, VA || This three day program offers attendees the chance to network with industry leaders and emerging professionals in a friendly and educational environment. NSC offers innovative training to stay ahead of the changes in the industry on topics ranging from business, multimedia, to lighting skills and more.

News Video Workshop

March 12-17, 2017 || Norman, OK || Our News Video Workshop builds the fundamental skills you need to tell strong, clear, and compelling video news stories. It is a week of intense learning and powerful critiques will change how you approach, gather, edit, write and present your work.

Advanced Storytelling Workshop

April 2-April 7, 2017 || San Marcos, TX || Picking up where our News Video Workshop leaves off, the Advanced Storytelling Workshop enables you to take your stories to the next level. Designed for experienced television and newspaper photojournalists, reporters, and video journalists, this exciting week-long program will enhance your storytelling abilities and change your career for life!

Multimedia Immersion Workshop

May 16-20, 2017 || Syracuse, NY || Our Multimedia Immersion is an intense, five-day, hands-on training workshop for visual journalists looking to expand and grow their multimedia skills using the latest technology. Our focus is on visuals and audio content and editing them into multimedia video presentations.

Northwest NPPA Short Course

June 24-26, 2016 || Portland, OR ||The Northwest NPPA Short Course will be held at the University of Oregon Turnbull Center in Portland, Oregon. This three-day event features speakers, panelists and instructors from the Northwest region of the National Press Photographers Association relevant to professionals and students in the field of visual journalism. Learn from and network with leading visual journalists. Choose from a variety of lectures and workshops relating to storytelling, multimedia, lighting, drones and more. Get your portfolio reviewed by award winning editors and photographers. Sign up for the Portland Polaroid Shootout for fabulous prizes.

Women in Visual Journalism: The Good Fight

August 19-20, 2016 - Denver - NPPA's 2016 Women In Photojournalism Conference has returned for the second year of its revival. Are you a TV reporter? A still photographer? An online journalist? A TV photojournalist? This conference is for visual journalists of all types. Come learn from women who excel at fighting the good fight. And this year we've added a day for more critiques and more amazing sessions.

Southeast Storytelling Workshop

June 10-11, 2016 || Atlanta, GA || For the first time in a long time, the NPPA brings one of its premier video storytelling events to the Southeast! This summer, some of the finest broadcast journalists in the country will meet in Atlanta for the NPPA Southeast Storytelling Workshop. Join us on Friday, 6/10 and Saturday, 6/11 for two days of great visual storytelling education the same weekend as the Southeast Emmy Awards.

Online Education has a wealth of educational resources available to our members. Including two presentations from the 2015 NSC on presenting yourself as a pro and ethics in photojournalism.  Check out the 2015 Northern Short Course class videos as well as broadcasts on ethics, copyright, and advocacy issues, and so much more!